Walker Hayes Sets The Record Straight On “Fancy Like” Lyrics


Walker Hayes has welcomed a whole new set of fans to Country music with his viral hit, “Fancy Like,” and while he welcomes them with open arms, he’s quickly learning not everyone is accustomed to his Country lingo.

“Yo. A lot of people lately been asking me, ‘Who is Maddy?’ And also a lot of people lately asking me, ‘What is Natty?’” Walker told the camera in his video. ”And even some people asking me, they say, ‘If the styrofoam is squeaking in the back, who is driving the truck?’”

Bless their hearts.

Walker goes on to sing a section of the chorus that goes, “Yeah, we bougie like Natty, in the styrofoam, squeak squeaking in the truck bed all the way home.”

He then explains, “So, it’s ‘Natty,’ with an ’N,’ that’s what we called Natual Light [beer], growin’ up in Mobile [AL],” he said, smiling. “I thought everybody called Natual Light Natty, and it’s not a very bougie beer.”

See, new Country fans — you learn something new every day!

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