ABC/Image Group LAKelsea Ballerini is up for Female Vocalist of the Year at Wednesday’s CMA Awards, but she’s convinced that she has no chance of winning…because she’s practical.

“I feel like hopefully there will be a year where I feel like maybe it might be this year, but it’s not this year,” she tells ABC Radio. “It’s not time for me yet. Every year, things seem to grow in a positive direction, so we’ll see.”

O.K. so if Kelsea doesn’t think she’s going to win, who does she think will take home the trophy?  The co-host of the CMA telecast, Carrie Underwood.

“I think it’s Carrie’s,” predicts Kelsea. “She put out a beautiful album, she’s working her tail off, she’s about to have a baby and she’s still working her tail off!  And if you’re actually going on vocalists, she’s just the queen. I think it’s her year!”

And even if Kelsea doesn’t win, she’s got plenty to be proud of: 2018’s been quite a year for her.

“I started the year with a headlining tour, which is just something that feels really special to me, to have people in the room that connect with an album enough to sit there with you for two hours,” she tells ABC Radio. “That was amazing.”

“And then opening for Keith Urban…and learning from him,” Kelsea continues, “And then doing the coaching on The Voice, and doing a single with the Chainsmokers and releasing my third single off my record…it’s just been crazy!”

Tune in Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see if Kelsea’s prediction of a Carrie Underwood victory comes true.

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