Winner of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

The funniest and most popular photography competition in the world – The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 has reached its conclusion and is proud to announce that the OVERALL WINNER of this year’s competition is Mark Fitzpatrick, for his amazing photograph entitled Terry the Turtle flipping the bird.

Up against 7,000 incredible entries from all over the world, Mark’s image emerged as a clear favourite with the judges! The image was captured when he was swimming with the turtles off Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, Australia. In a stroke of brilliance, Mark managed to catch the moment when Terry’s flipper is pulling back as he swims towards the camera, which makes it appear as if the turtle is indeed flipping Mark the bird and really means it!


The raccoon was just waking up and stretching. We have a raccoon in this tree every so often, sometimes for a night and sometimes for a month.
Description: Atlantic Puffins are amazing flyers and their fishing talents are – well – as you see some do better than others! I just love the second Puffin’s look – can I just have one please?

Grizzly bear resting, stretching and yawning on beach (Ursus arctos horribilis) Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, United States
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Description: This photo from January 2020 is the beginning of a scene which lasted approximately one minute and in which each of the birds used a foot to clean the partner’s beak. While the whole scene was very informative, this first photo with the male already holding his foot high in the air was just asking to be taken out of the context… Processing: cropping, global adjustments (noise reduction, exposure, saturation, contrast, sharpening), local adjustments (vignette)
Animal: Rose-ringed parakeet
Location of shot: Kaudulla national park, Sri Lanka

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